Dr. Anthony Coletta Named by Philadelphia Business Journal as One of Ten Who are “Transforming healthcare” in Philadelphia

Tandigm’s own Dr. Coletta has been recognized as playing a major role in transforming the region’s healthcare landscape, and in improving the health and wellness of people in this area and beyond. The full article can be accessed here:

10 who are transforming healthcare in Philadelphia

Tandigm’s Dr. Anthony Coletta

“Title: President and CEO of Tandigm Health, a joint venture by Independence Blue Cross and healthcare Partners, that is working with primary care physicians to create a new model for delivering highquality and affordable healthcare.

Previously: Coletta was an attending surgeon for 25 years at Bryn Mawr Hospital. He joined IBC as a vice president in 2012 after serving for more than three years as executive vice president and chief medical officer of Holy Redeemer Health System in Huntingdon Valley.

During his clinical career, he led the creation in 2000 of Renaissance Health Alliance, a joint venture between Independence and Renaissance, a large, Philadelphia area independent practice association of doctors for which he was chairman and CEO. Why he matters: In leading Tandigm Health, Coletta is in charge of an effort being backed by the region’s largest health insurer to put primary care doctors at the center of healthcare delivery — and giving those doctors the tools and data they need to improve how they deliver care. So far, more than 350 doctors have signed up with Tandigm, which negotiated its first deal with a health system — Holy Redeemer — in February. The joint venture’s business model calls for IBC to give an undisclosed percentage of its healthinsurance premiums to Tandigm, which will then be responsible for overseeing the care provided to IBC patients by doctors in Tandigm’s physician network. Coletta’s mandate is to try to usher in a new model where, instead of paying doctors for each service or procedure they perform, compensation in based largely on how well doctors keep patients healthy and out of the hospital.”