Tandigm Health Partners with Care Continuity for Patient Navigation and Care Logistics

West Conshohocken, PA  – Tandigm Health, a leading population health services organization, today announced a partnership with Care Continuity, Inc., a leader in patient navigation and care logistics management. Care Continuity’s cloud-based provider communication and consultation management platform will further enhance Tandigm’s ability to create connections between independent physician practices and other points of care within the Tandigm network, supporting practices as they manage care logistics for their patients.

“Care Continuity is quickly becoming a vital tool for coordinating patient flows and improving communication both between practices and with our clinical team,” said Lee Buttz, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Tandigm Health. “This platform will allow us to share information across the entire network, connecting directly to physician workflows and integrating it into electronic medical records. As we continue to integrate with specialists and our pharmacy program, we look forward to the operational efficiencies the platform will provide.”

The first phase of this partnership involves leveraging the Care Continuity platform to streamline communications between Tandigm’s network of 420 primary care physicians (PCPs) and 470 specialists. In doing so, Care Continuity will integrate more than 25 ambulatory electronic health records (EHR) systems, arming Tandigm providers with the clinical information needed to improve the consultation management process. Moving forward, the Care Continuity communications platform will incorporate additional integrations to improve the referral authorization process and interaction with care management across the Tandigm delivery network.

“We strongly believe in the Tandigm Health model of providing physicians with the tools and services they need to deliver high-quality, integrated care as the industry continues the journey from fee for service to value-based contracting,” said Andrew Thorby, CEO, Care Continuity.  “The Tandigm platform is truly world class and we’re delighted to play a part in supporting such an innovative organization as they create a new paradigm of care.”

About Tandigm Health

Tandigm Health is dedicated to enhancing the ability of physicians to provide the finest possible care while lowering costs through a more coordinated, proactive model. By providing greater tools and resources to its physicians across multiple specialties, Tandigm enables doctors to provide coordinated, patient-centered care. To learn more about Tandigm’s approach to value-based health care, visit www.tandigmhealth.com.

About Care Continuity Inc.

Care Continuity Inc., as a leader of patient navigation and network integration solutions, creates a system of communication that connects delivery networks and payers while placing patients and their care teams at the center. The patient is rewarded with seamless transitions across the care continuum while clinicians can be confident that their efforts will be reinforced by a supportive system that facilitates integrated patient care.  For more information about Care Continuity Inc., please visit www.carecontinuity.com.

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Scott Breed, Tandigm Health