Tandigm Health and TouchCare Team up to Connect Patients with Their Primary Care Physicians via Virtual Video Connection

In an innovative new partnership, Tandigm Health is working with leading mobile health company TouchCare to enable more than 350 Philadelphia-­‐area primary care physicians to connect to their patients from their mobile device or tablet. The partnership embodies the best elements of Tandigm Health’s “tradition meets innovation” motto, empowering physicians so that their
patients can lead healthier lives, facilitating continuity of care, and enhancing the all-­‐important doctor-­‐ patient relationship.

The partnership leverages TouchCare’s HIPAA-­‐compliant mobile telemedicine app as part of Tandigm Health’s ongoing mission to deliver high value healthcare, delivered how and when people need it. Together, the two companies will work to improve continuity of care by providing an additional way for doctors to securely communicate with their patients using their mobile device. The convenient video option is a great supplement to in-­‐office appointments, particularly for test results, medication refills, chronic illness management and more. The TouchCare platform also provides a straightforward, direct communication channel for primary care physicians and specialists to engage and coordinate care on behalf of their patients.

The first phase of the partnership will focus on select high-­‐risk patients, who already engage telephonically with Tandigm Health’s Care Team, and whose care could be enhanced by remote real-­‐time, face-­‐to-­‐face interaction. The first phase will also include Tandigm Health medical directors using TouchCare to engage with participating primary care physicians to assist in care coordination. As the program continues, it will roll out TouchCare to additional Tandigm Health patients for both provider-­‐to-­‐patient and provider-­‐to-­‐provider communication.

“Medicine and the doctor-­‐patient relationship are very personal. Enabling our primary care physicians to connect with their patients face to face by video keeps the care personal, but also provides both access and convenience,” said Anthony Coletta, M.D., M.B.A., Tandigm Health’s president and CEO. “Enabling our physicians and care teams to connect to their own patients, as well as to other health providers for video calls on TouchCare, helps create truly connected communities of care. This approach embodies combining the best parts of things new and old to create an exceptional healthcare experience for our patients.”

“Tandigm Health is a truly innovative organization that is constantly focused on ways to improve the lives of its patients,” said Damian Gilbert, founder and CEO of TouchCare. “TouchCare and Tandigm Health share a common vision of connected communities of care, where patients, providers and all stakeholders have the ability to easily and seamlessly communicate to ensure continuous, convenient, cost effective care. Using TouchCare on a mobile device as a single place where patients can connect to all of their healthcare providers is a powerful vision, especially in Philadelphia, one of the largest and most expensive healthcare markets in the United States. We’re delighted to partner with Tandigm Health to make this vision a reality.”

The TouchCare app is an easy to use solution for any healthcare provider – from solo practitioners to large clinics or hospitals to improve the quality of care, save time and money, and improve patient satisfaction. The app is available with a simple download from the App Store and Google Play.